Roberto Hroval – How The Most Affordable Desalinized Drinking Water Came To Be

PatentReal Corp. founder Mr. Roberto Hroval has yet again proved to the world that what is deemed impossible can actually be achieved with great innovation. This time it is drinking water. Some countries might not appreciate clean drinking water and most people in such privileged countries actually take it for granted, since they have never experienced a water shortage.

The shortage of drinking water

However seaside countries have been known to face a shortage of clean drinking water.  The World Health Organization’s recommendation of usage of 150 liters per person daily is a dream in countries faced by a shortage of drinking water. Among seaside countries, the Islands are the worst hit with the shortage of drinking water and there have been cases where the price of water per cubic meter has actually risen up to $7USD. Often times, however, the price is usually $3 and this is just if it’s imported from elsewhere.

European countries such as Spain, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Turkey, and Croatia have begun the production of their own drinking water from the sea. These countries have been hard-hit with water shortage hence that initiative. More countries have also welcomed this solution but are still at the consideration stage because the price of the startup investment is quite high as are the levels of energy consumed for the water production process.

The Slovenian coastal region, for example, is often hit by water scarcity and has resorted to expensive imports from its neighbor Croatia. The problem is usually escalated especially during summer. It is summer time that the tourist season begins and the number of water consumers goes up from 85,000 to 350,000. The cost of water then goes up to $12USD for the imported water a great increase in water price by $0.7USD per cubic meter of the naturally sourced water.  

Most of these countries with drinking water shortage have considered the production of their own potable water by use of reverse osmosis which seems to work perfectly. However, for reverse osmosis to occur on a large scale and produce enough water to deal with the shortage an investment of between $1.4 million and $1.8 million to purchase that equipment that will produce 1000m3 of water daily.  That is the cost of equipment alone without counting the cost of energy of the production process.

A Solution from Roberto Hroval

Roberto Hroval, PatentReal Corp. founder offered a different and workable solution to this water problem. He came up with a reverse osmosis system known as the MROS (Optimized Module Reverse Osmosis System). This system is affordable and offers very impressive energy savings. With an initial investment of  $1.2 million for a 1000m3 of water per day, this is very affordable compared to the other costly investments of up to $1.8million  that produce the same 1000m3 per day.

The energy costs of desalinization per cubic meter of potable water go for $0.28USD. This is actually more than 50% of saving from having to use imported water.  

Key Components of MROS

The main components of MROS system are the “Energy Recovery System” (ERS) and the “Hybrid Backup Supply.”  

“The ERS further reduces energy consumption from 7.5 to 8.0 kW per hour to 3.5 – 4 kW per hour. Together with the optimization of the system, the final cost of potable water production is only $0.28 USD, “says Mr. Roberto Hroval.

Lowest water price

The PatentReal Corp. isn’t done impressing yet because it went an extra mile with new radical interventions. With a demo unit or “Lab research system” installed in Slovenia it has been proven beyond doubt that the price of high-quality potable drinking water can be further reduced to $0.21 USD/m3. This is currently the lowest price of desalinized potable water in the world. It’s actually an answered prayer to the people of Slovenia who for years have experienced absurd water prices. “We are now developing this technology solution that will further reduce the cost of potable water production,” said Hroval.

HI-tech Standards & Quality Solutions

Hroval further goes on to stress the hi-tech standards and quality of solutions. He says. “We use exclusively materials and components – pumps, filters, electronics, connecting elements … –from the leading European manufacturers. We are interested in stable quality in the long run, as this ensures lower maintenance costs. So we have less final costs and potential problems in upcoming years.”

At the same time, PatentReal Corporation strives to create a production line that would produce these modern systems for making cheapest, but best quality potable drinking water in the world. But so far, this company has done what was previously deemed impossible. It has provided Slovenia the best quality drinking water at a very affordable price. There is no doubt that more water shortage hit countries will embrace the water desalination technology.