Renewing Bike Insurance Online

If you are looking to renew bike insurance, there are multiple options available at your disposal. However, none of them is easier than renewing the policy online. Almost all of the major insurers in the country have ensured that they have a digital presence. This essentially allows a policy holder to renew a policy from the comfort of their homes and without having to interact with a lot of people.

You can renew bike insurance either directly from an insurer’s website or visit any of the comparison websites. The benefit of visiting a comparison website is that you can view all the features and benefits of different policies along with their proposed premiums. This will let you take a better and more informed decision. The following are the steps that need to be followed for both the renewal types.


  • Visit an insurer’s website from whom you wish to renew the policy.
  • Provide with bike registration details and contact information such as phone number and email id.
  • Provide the policy number of your previous policy, if it is the same insurer.
  • The insurer would then send across a link to your email id along with a quote for the policy.
  • Follow the link and review the features and benefits.
  • The insurer would require some mandatory details from your end.
  • Should there be a need, pick up one or more riders. (It is not mandatory)
  • Review the details for one final time and proceed with the payment.

Insurance aggregator

  • Visit the website of an insurance aggregator that you trust.
  • Provide with bike registration details or details such as bike manufacturer, year of manufacture, model etc. along with contact information.
  • You might have to mention the insurer of your existing policy.
  • The website will fetch quotes and features of various insurers and present the same to you.
  • Pick a plan that best suits your needs and proceed with the payment.
  • On completion of the payment, you can expect a digital copy of the policy in your email id within a few minutes.

Why Is It Important To Renew Bike Insurance?

There are two primary reasons why one must renew bike insurance. Firstly, when you buy or renew insurance you essentially pay for peace of mind. A good policy, by good we mean comprehensive policy, takes care of most of the uncertainties that you can throw at it. Thus, renewing on time will ensure you carry forward the peace of mind factor and never have that butterfly in the stomach feeling.

Secondly, you can continue with some of the benefits, which might otherwise lapse. Some discounts such as NCB might become void if you do not renew bike insurance within a specified time period. Also, if your policy lapses beyond a certain time period, insurers will mostly ask you to buy a new insurance, essentially forcing you to go through entire policy buying process again. On time renewal keeps such things at bay.


Benefits of Renewing Bike Insurance

Here are some of the benefits of renewing your policy, apart from the above two obvious points.

  • Avoid Fines

Riding your bike without a valid insurance is an offence and if caught, you will have to cough up a hefty fine as well. If you do not wish to lose your hard earned money to the traffic police department, ensure that you renew bike insurance on time. And most importantly, make it a habit to carry the same.

  • Discounts

If you haven’t claimed your policy during the previous term, it is essential to renew the policy can avail NCB. A NCB or no claims bonus will help you lower the premium of the policy. However, if you fail to renew, you miss out on the benefits. Some insurers are known to provide additional discounts or offers on renewals. You also stand to lose them by ignoring your policy renewal dates.

  • Natural Calamities

There is very little that we as humans can do when the nature spreads it wraith. However, having insurance can prove to be very helpful in such times. A comprehensive policy can safeguard your bike from floods, cyclones, earthquakes, fire and so on.

  • Human Activities

Apart from natural calamities, a comprehensive plan also provides cover against manmade activities. Thus, your policy can keep your bike safe against strikes, riots, vandalism, burglary and so on. The insurer will provide for repairs or replacement expenses if any of the above takes place.

When you renew bike insurance online, you get much more than what meets the eye.