Quantity is good but Quality is King in Networking

The world of business is governed and directed by knowledge. What you know and who you know both counts. Also, how well you know people also has a lot of importance. Seeing as enterprise has moved to the Internet, we are now using social media platforms to make profitable connections. On the World Wide Web, we have the opportunity to make connections with millions of people. Therefore, some business professionals are convinced that the more people you know, the higher your chances of success. However, others believe that the quality of people that you know is the main determinant. While numbers count quite a lot, it is important to know that the quality of your connections is paramount. Here is more on this.

The puzzle where people are the pieces

Networking resembles a large puzzle. This is in contrast to a numbers game. This means that it involves constructing relationships with the people who are closest to you in your network. It requires that you interconnect the strategic bonds which you have so as to develop a winning personal network. For this to happen, you need to have a number of relationships that are actually strong and of good quality. Therefore, you should create networks by picking out the most beneficial people and placing them the closest. After that, you can add the rest according to their importance to you.

The network should be wide and deep

There’s a popular saying in the world of business that your network should not be a mile wide and an inch deep. This means that in addition to having a wide network, you should also have deep connections to people. As such, the quality of your network needs to be just as important as its quantity.

Strike a balance

While the quality of your network is highly crucial, it is also important to remember that quantity is required as well. When you have a large number of people in your network, it increases the chances of making successful deals. As such, entrepreneurs should strive to strike a balance between the quality and quantity in networking. Quantity and quality go hand in hand when it comes to online networking.

The difference between a contact and a connection

How well you know the people in your network is the ultimate measure of quality. To create strong relationships in your network, you should take important contacts and turn them into strategic connections. It does not matter if you have a large number of people in your database of contacts. The most important factor is which of them are willing to respond to your call whenever you need some help. As indicated at toddandleahrae.com, contacts will be oblivious to your situation while connections will take the matter personally and help find the best MLM leads.


There has always been a long standing debate on whether successful networks depend on quantity or quality. Today, the general consensus is that quantity is important but quality matters the most. It’s about connections and not contacts. While quantity will get you up and running quicker, quality keeps you going for the long haul.