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HOA Association Management Software | Aplos

While picking a phoenix az hoa management firm, you’ll need to realize that the organization is utilizing the best cutting edge programming accessible. Here at City Property Management, we use CITYCYNC™ because it is an exceptional innovation that conveys all that you’d expect in an administration programming and much more.

CITYCYNC™ is the Software to monitor all the activities that keep all data sorted out and accessible at the bit of a catch. Some highlights feature are as follow:

  1. Planning 
  2. Telephone logs 
  3. Proprietor/client logs 
  4. Records Receivable 
  5. Report documenting and capacity dashboards for client care 
  6. Mailings 
  7. Assortments 
  8. Work requests and support logs 
  9. Records payable and receivable 
  10. Consistence logs

Working Principle:

The homeowners have their accounts on the website along with their own personalized log in details. Once they login, they are capable of viewing their payments, tenants, contracts, upcoming events, account history, and others.  Just by simple login, you can access all the information quickly and easily. Thus, phoenix az hoa management firms can save money instead of spending on notices or arranging a meeting. 

Mobile apps:

The mobile application is the most demanding information technology leading all around. Thus, one can have every information on the fingertips with the help of the mobile application. CityCync™ Software as a mobile app helps you to keep your access to your dashboard anytime, anywhere. 

These applications have functionality such as message pop-ups, maintenance cautions, account recharges, and so forth. Additionally highlighted will be lost and discovered reports, budget summaries, refreshed contact data, and much more. This is wholly compacted into an easy to use and smoothed out stage for Rental holders. This portable application is so easy to understand that we, as of now, normally refer to it as “The App”.

лечение наркомании цена