Factors to consider when purchasing a piston pump.

Piston pumps come in different models, shapes, and sizes just as do all other fluid delivery systems. As a result, the selection process must be done with caution if you are to end up with a pump that best suits your needs. It is therefore only best if you consult expert advice concerning the same. At White House Products limited, we are considered the best dealers of pumps for a reason. We have a vast experience spanning a period of over three decades in dealing with the same. As a result, our brand name has for many years now been synonymous with reliability, efficiency, and durability in all matters concerning piston pump. The following are some of the reasons why you can never go wrong with us;

Quality, durability, and efficiency of our products

All our fluid delivery equipment are designed to not only run with the maximum efficiency but also to have the longest operational life. We guarantee you that with our products coupled with our after-sale services, you get value for every coin that you spend with us. This is because our piston Pump is designed to minimize the need for frequent maintenance hence significantly reducing their cost of operation.

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The widest selection of pumps for you to choose from 

Ranging from heavy-duty pumps to light ones we provide a large variety of top quality products. The different pumps have size and power provisions that cater for almost all domestic or industrial requirements. Upon visiting our stores, a qualified technician will be assigned to you to guide you through the various pumps we deal in and advise you accordingly on the one that is appropriate to your specific needs.

Convenience and availability of quality maintenance and replacement products

Many of the pumps and their accessories can be used interchangeably thus making it easy for clients to make repairs to faulty mechanisms. Furthermore, you can place an order for any and all replacement parts you may need from our company. Furthermore, all our products come with clearly crafted manuals with useful dos and don’ts to guide you through any installations you may wish to make. For efficiency of your pumps, we recommend the use of only quality and certified replacement parts from us.

A reliable technical team of support

We boast the possession of the most reliable and skilled experts who are available for consultation around the clock. For any concerns to do with piston pumps, you can access all the information you require from just a simple phone call. Furthermore, we have a group of on-road technicians ready for dispatch to your location at a moment’s notice. While on dispatch duties, they are trained to perform an overall assessment of your equipment and offer you advice on the best maintenance practices on any faults that your system may be susceptible to.

Call us anytime or visit our offices for any clarifications you may need pertaining to pumps.