Domain Name Search and Transfer

Online visibility is one of the most consequential factors in the success of your business and future plans in the present era of mobiles, tablets and Google. To be at the tip of your customer’s fingers when they type your name in a search engine or to turn up when a query closest to your products and services is entered by a prospective client, the domain name of your website should be as close to your company’s name or sector of operation as possible. It should also be short, logical and memorable. Domain Name Search helps you to achieve precisely this by going through the vast reserve of names which have not yet been taken by anyone and suggests the most relevant ones.

When you own a domain name, you can get a certain number of email addresses to go along with it according to the package you buy from the service provider. This gives a level of trustworthiness and credibility to your website and business which is otherwise unachievable. Also, others cannot try to pass off as you when the domain name is owned by you only. This reduces the chances of people trying to reach your website ending up elsewhere on the internet to a minimum. Therefore, investing in a domain name is a smart decision as it not only builds your brand online and enhances trust among customers but also safeguards your business’ uniqueness and ideas. A domain name search service usually comes bunched with web hosting packages but can be availed standalone also.

Domain transfer can be done to transfer the domain name from one registrar to another. This would imply that the new registrar handles all the information related to a domain name. The level of ease with which a domain name transfer is doable by a registrar is a key determinant of the quality of its services and popularity among website owners.