Commercial refrigerators

A commercial refrigerator is important for keeping up the beverages and food ingredients for maintaining the perfect quality of the food. These display fridges are an effective tool used for marketing purposes. They are useful for tempting the customers by allowing them to see the tasty delicacies that are kept inside. If you wish to buy one for your commercial needs, visit; they have all kind of products for business purpose and one of the top manufacturers in China. Therefore, it is important to uniformly maintain your refrigerators so as to keep up quality of the products. 

Ways to maintain your commercial fridges:

  • Clean the interior and the exterior of the refrigerator– Make a schedule for cleaning the interior part of the fridge. Do this on weekly and bi-weekly basis. Clean the shelves thoroughly with soft brush using warm water and soap solution. You can also make use of vinegar solution. If there items inside the fridge, then take them out and place it on the temporary coolers. If there are removable parts, then take them out and clean thoroughly. The exterior part of the fridge needs regular cleaning. Proper cleaning material and solutions have to be used for wiping the outer part of the refrigerator. Don’t make use of rough scrubbers or sponges.  For regular maintenance, make use of warm soap water solution combined with vinegar or solutions based on detergent. Use baking soda paste for removing stains of baked food or other items from the shelves.
  • Clean the condenser coil regularly– It is important to clean up the condenser coil of your refrigerator on daily basis. It is usually recommended by the manufacturers to clean up every three months and most of the guidebooks offer cleaning tips for the same. Make use of bristle brush to clean up the dust and dirt from the condenser. 
  • Check the area beside the evaporator coil– Evaporator coil is another important part of a refrigerator just like the condenser coil. The main role of the evaporator coil is to absorb the heat from the refrigerator system, thus helping the interior of the fridge to remain cool. Make sure that the surrounding area is kept clean. Also make sure that you do not stuff the fridge with excessive items. This is because if you do not allow the air to pass then the coil will freeze up which will lead to rise in temperature of the cabinet and leakage off water.
  • Check the gaskets properly– The gaskets of a refrigerator door are fundamental to any business refrigeration unit. Any sort of split or break can prevent proper closing of the door, making cool air leave the interior of the refrigerator. Take a recommendation from a manufacturer if the gaskets are broken. Always replace your gasket with the serial and model number while replacing it.  You should clean them daily even if there is no breakage. Too much of grease can hamper the gaskets over time.
  • Keep the unit of the refrigerator dry– Clear out all the liquid that gets collected on the shelves and reach in surfaces. A lot of dampness can make your fridge or cooler stop up after some time. You should not only clean out the spills on daily basis but you should also check for buildup of moisture at least once a week.
  • Keep a check on the air filters– The grease and dust oozing out from the fryers and frying pans are a cause of concern for the air filters of the commercial refrigerators. Large accumulation of dust can prevent proper ventilation and therefore it is important to maintain it in a regular basis. Make use of de-greasing solution to remove any kind of greasy materials. Use the manual guide given to you for knowing the tips of cleaning and degreasing the air filters. Excessive amount of grease can cause blockage in the air filters. Change the filter right away if you see any kind of oozing debris from the filters.

These are some of the ways by which the commercial refrigerator can be cleaned for maintaining the quality of the products and to ensure healthy and safety standards for the same.