5 Most Important Things To Know About Maternity Insurance In India

Maternity healthcare in India can cost you a fortune these days given the rising economic inflation for a decade. We all know that motherhood comes in with a lot of  responsibilities and high medical expenses. It is advisable to stay calm and stress-free during your pregnancy and therefore, it’s important to plan the expenses using best maternity insurance plans.

Gynecological consultation during the gestational period is a must, and so are certain medical tests such as genetic screening, 1, 2, & 3-trimester tests, ultrasound, amniocentesis, fetal monitoring, chorionic villus sampling, Group B strep culture, and glucose tests to prevent future complications. Medications and health supplements also add up the list of expenditures. In certain complicated cases, pregnancy also requires medical aid and hospitalization

All this requires a lot of financial expenses. The reason being a woman during her pregnancy needs extended medical care and protection to prevent untoward hazards at bay. Thus, maternity insurance is an important thing that every couple should opt for.

The Major Benefits

After conceiving, couples tend to worry about having a healthy pregnancy along with high medical expenses borne by regular diagnostic tests, medicines, hospitalization expenses, delivery expenses, etc. With medical facilities becoming costlier by the day, getting the right treatment at the right time can become very difficult, making childbirth a financially draining experience for many families

The private and top-notch hospitals have been commercialized to the extent that once cannot even think of consulting its doctors, let alone planning the delivery there, which can easily amount to Rs. 1 to 2 lakhs of expense So, owing to financial constraints, the only option left for a middle-class family is to get their child delivered in a government hospital. In such a scenario, pregnancy insurance plans have emerges as a boon for countless families.

  1. The best maternity insurance plans covers the entire medical expense from the time of conception to post pregnancy dealings.
  2. It also involves clearing the bills of the hospitals. Thus you can say that the maternity insurance is cashless insurance that you can get.
  3. Medical expenses on investigation tests, medicines, consultation fees, etc. done 30 days before hospitalization arecovered.
  4. Post-hospitalization expenses such as a follow-up visit charges, etc. are also covered for usually 60 days post-discharge from the hospital.
  5. The newborn baby cover is available from day 1 to 90 days of childbirth. It covers the expenses incurred related to the health care needs of the baby as well.

To ensure complete protection and safe delivery of the child, it’s impossible to avoid these expenses. The result being families getting burdened by straining finances and are not able to experience the joy of parenthood to the fullest. To avoid such difficult times, it’s best for couples to opt for top maternity insurance plans for a hassle-free start to parenthood.